These are the planned breedings 2018



Team Tsugas Firn - Kelim´s Deno of Manitou


We will lend one female to our daughter Tess to do this litter:

ITH Aponi - Kelim´s Deno of Manitou


FI47504/13 Kefeus Sokrovishe Altyn - female not decided yet.



We have also decided to sell 3 of our dogs this spring so take a look at FOR SALE


We will also sell an adult Pixie-bob male this autumn, Charlie. He has bloodlines from Natureworks cattery in Canada, Kelly. If you are interrested in him (he will be sold as a breeding prospect with pedigree in TICA) send us an email or laila karlsson at

We will also have 3 litters of Pixies so if you are interrested send us information about what you are searching for.













Nov 21, 2016

Indian Tribe Huskys & Wildcats


Maria Gustafsson & Donald Eriksson



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