Tsuga´s Drumlin

Born: 2012-07-24

Position: Lead/Point

Height: 58 cm

Weight: 22 kg

Drumlin came to our kennel the summer of 2013 from Mike and Sue Ellis in Alaska. He is a magnificant, normal sized dog. His first to years with us he was a little bit stressed up, but now his so nice and much more relaxed.

His first litter looks great and have a lovely temperament.

Available for breeding to the end of 2017


S18647/2008 Napapijri Dakota (female)

SE34272/2015 Indian Tribe Husky's Takoda  H

SE34273/2015 Indian Tribe Husky's Dichali  H

SE34274/2015 Indian Tribe Husky's Hinto  H

SE34275/2015 Indian Tribe Husky's Taima  T

SE34276/2015 Indian Tribe Husky's Kanti  T

SE34277/2015 Indian Tribe Husky's Tolinka  T

SE34278/2015 Indian Tribe Husky's Tiva  T

Indian Tribe Huskys & Wildcats

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