Jedeye Kracker of Manitou

Born: 2006-08-09

Position: Lead

Height: 58 cm

Weight: 24 kg


Kracker is one of the Iditarod veterans you find in our kennel. He was on Blake Frekings team who sat a new Siberian record on the race 2010. A great leader and he will turn off any trail on command, and is one of the hardest working dogs we ever had the privilege to work with.

He´s so incredibly smart and we hope his offsprings will show the same skills.



SE58415/2011 Indian Tribe Husky's Sokoke (female)

SE13253/2015 Indian Tribe Husky's Grayling H

SE13254/2015 Indian Tribe Husky's Eagle H


S49588/2009 Nymånens Måna (female) Owner Birgitta Sandin

SE40123/2015 Nymånens Birger H

SE40120/2015 Nymånens Kerstin T

SE40121/2015 Nymånens Majvor T

SE40122/2015 Nymånens Marion T


SE23271/2010 Moon Runs Ginger (female) Owner Birgitta Sandin

SE58792/2015 Nymånens Vincent H

SE58793/2015 Nymånens Anders H

SE58794/2015 Nymånens Marc H

SE58795/2015 Nymånens Sigrid T




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