For sale

Husky for sale

Indian Tribes Husky´s Tontone

SE21900/2019 ITH Tontone is for sale. He is after SE34987/2016 Jedeye Maggie Of Manitou and SE23467/2016 Lapicum Working Class Hero and just over one year old. 

He is a nice male that would fit better in a smaller pack than ours. He has been running some shorter tours already and he is doing good.

Send an email to if you are interrested.

Will be sold only to a good home.

Nov 27, 2017 5:06 AM

Indian Tribe Husky´s

Maria Gustafsson & Donald Eriksson


Ekorrsele 35, 922 91 Vindeln, Sweden

M. +46 (0)730 933 076/705 799 338




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