Our Siberians

Our Siberians

About us

We are a Siberian Husky kennel located in the northern Sweden near Vindeln and Lycksele. You find around 50 adult dogs in our kennel from the age of 1 to 14 year.

We've been running dogs since 1991 and have competed a few times in the past but since 1993 mainly running tours with tourists.

Social and friendly dogs is #1

We spend a lot of time out in the dog yard with the dogs. This gives us and our guests the opportunity to enjoy them and get to know each dog individually.

Our focus is to breed, raise, train and run quality Siberian Huskies that are a credit to the working ability of the breed. 

They must be athletic in mind and body as well as having a temperament that is suited to our packs social setting.

To get there we have brought new dogs in from diffrent kennels, both in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Holland, but also from Minnesota and Alaska. We´re proud to have a few dogs and offsprings from the fastest Siberians in the Iditarod and Yukon Quest history.

When the dogs are not pulling an cart, ATV or dog sled, they all get turned loose in an 3000 m2 (0,75 acre) free run area. All fenced in with a couple of bath tubs and play ground, where the can play with each other for about an hour a day. We let them out in groups between 20 to 40 at the same time.

All our dogs breedings are recorded at SKK, microchiped, vaccinated, dewormed and certified. Most of our dogs used for breeding has been eyed screened. Also in the passed we checked all of our dogs, also the castrated dogs.

It would be our pleasure to present them and to give you a tour of the kennel.