Born: 1991-10-07

Chinook was the first puppy we bought, along with her brother Crippen. When we started with sled dogs in 1991 it was common with the "crazy huskies" and that was how it should be.

Chinook learned us the opposite! You do not have to be crazy and tugging and tearing the ropes in the start, and that you runs just as fast if you stand still and wait until it is time to go.

She could also run loose when we took her on walks in the woods and was always up for a cuddle and belly scrath.

It was at this point we decided to breed on this type of dog instead!


S24655/90 Bamiak (Sire)

S23905/99 Indian Tribe Husky's Micmac  H

S23906/99 Indian Tribe Husky's Atsina  T

S23907/99 Indian Tribe Husky's Cheyenne   

S23908/99 Indian Tribe Husky's Kiowa  T 

S23909/99 Indian Tribe Husky's Cherokee  H

S23910/99 Indian Tribe Husky's Mohawk  T

S20106/95 Snow-Fighter  (Sire)

S25507/2002 Indian Tribe Husky's Apache  H   

S25506/2002 Indian Tribe Husky's Lakota  T