Indian Tribe´s Cocopa

Born: 2010-10-20

Position: Lead

Height: 53 cm

Weight: 19 kg

Cocopa is a very driven and hard working girl. She was flawless already at her first hook up as a puppy, like she had been running her whole life. 

Like her mom and aunt she´s a great leader, and in the team we almost share a quiet understanding. It seems like her daugthers inherits the leader skills too.


SE59253/2013 Kefeus Hexe's Grimnir (male)

SE47809/2014 Indian Tribe Husky's Amitola  T

SE47810/2014 Indian Tribe Husky's Aponi  T

SE47811/2014 Indian Tribe Husky's Lulu  T

SE47812/2014 Indian Tribe Husky's Sitsi  T

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