Greentrail´s Pixie

Born: 2012-10-11   

Position: Lead/Team

Height: 54 cm

Weight: 20 kg

Pixie, our sweet but reserved girl we got the summer 2015 has continued her exciting career as a tourist sled dog. She is born in Mel Andrews kennel and then been living at Jeanette Jattkos place and started to take tourists out on tours already there. Although still spooky around some people, you can see her gaining confidence as she forgets about being scared and gets excited about running. Thank you Jeanette for showing her to us and your good work with Pixie.

She´s a great lead dog, and just getting better day by day.

2020-04-18 10.39.18-2
2020-04-18 10.39.26-1