Kefeus Sokrovishe Altyn

Born: 2013-08-14

Position: Lead/Point

Height: 59 cm

Weight: 25 kg

FI47504/13 Kefeus Sokrovishe Altyn

Kefeus Sokrovishe Altyn ”Nalle” Altyn has been eyechecked clear. He needs to have 1 more certificate from Finland to become Finnish show champion (has 3 certificates but under 2 years of age). He has been running in several sprint- and mid-distance races (2017 Ukkohalla-Paljakka 2 x 32 km 8 dog team, Gold Rush Run 2 x 47 km 6-dog class), has several Finnish race merits (REK2). He has been also running Finnish working test in common class with results 57/60 points. Altyn is friendly - could say sometimes even “over social” since he loves people, attention and absolutely loves to be in showring. He is very easy dog to live with - he is very friendly toward other dogs, easy dog in harness - never causes problems. He has two litters in Finland, in kennel Winter Chaos and Arctic Soul - they both are not yet year old but very promising and beautifully built offspring. Altyn’s sire Kefeus Wolf Moon Einstein and his parents have been leaders in Kefeus kennel both at races and at tourist work. Altyn’s dam Minor is an import from Alaska, her brother and several half sisters and halfbrothers were running in Lisbet Norris Iditarod team.

Altyn is living with us in kennel Indian Tribe Huskys and are working as a touristdog. He love it, the attention, guests, the work. He is just perfect. He eats well and keep the weight. He is also now working mostly in lead