Kelim's Deno Of Manitou

Born: 2012-07-07

Position: Lead

Height: 58

Weight: 24 kg

Deno born July 7th 2012 is a happy, lucky male who naturally focuses all his energy and enthusiasm when in harness and began showing his natural leader capabilities as a yearling.

He moved to our kennel in May 2016 from Jen and Blake Freking but he´s born at Kim and Kelly Bergs kennel in New Hampshire.

He is a very nice tourdog. Always eating, happy, hard worker, we never uses socks. He is a joy to have in our kennel. He is also now ususlly working  in lead.

For breeding to suitable females.

Races Completed: 2014 Beargrease Mid Distance, 2015 Gunflint Mail Run, 2015 Beargrease Marathon, 2015 Hudson Bay Quest, 2016 Beargrease 150 Miler, 2016 UP Midnight Run