Kefeus Hexe's Grimnir

Born: 2010-09-24 

Position: Lead/ Wheel

Height: 59 cm

Weight: 25 kg

Run, eat, run, eat, happy, happy happy! That´s the short version about Grim. What a lovely character. He really want to please everyone, but he´s so full of enery so sometimes he´s just a little bit too much. Great pace holder and he doesn´t care who he runs next to. Everyone should be blessed with a dog like him in the kennel.


SE64029/2010 Indian Tribe Husky's Cocopa (female)

SE47809/2014 Indian Tribe Husky's Amitola  T

SE47810/2014 Indian Tribe Husky's Aponi  T

SE47811/2014 Indian Tribe Husky's Lulu  T

SE47812/2014 Indian Tribe Husky's Sitsi  T

S43225/2009 Nordvikens Tolga (female) Owner Sofia Holmgren

SE29607/2016 Aslakkgårdens Nanook Norrsken H

SE29608/2016 Aslakkgårdens Vilja Virvelvind T

SE29602/2016 Aslakkgårdens Silje Solsken T

SE29603/2016 Aslakkgårdens Samira Snöflinga T

SE29604/2016 Aslakkgårdens Disa Dimma T

SE29605/2016 Aslakkgårdens Ritni Rimfrost T

SE29606/2016 Aslakkgårdens Raija Regnskur T


Indian Tribe Husky´s

Maria Gustafsson & Donald Eriksson


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